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    Guide For Writing A Persuasive Essay
    Developing and using effective language in persuasive writing is one of the most important skills to develop. The tone of your essay will determine whether readers comprehend the main purpose of your argument or simply react negatively without understanding why. A reader who rejects an opinion without evaluating it does not understand its point, and they cannot evaluate its validity unless they are convinced enough to give it serious consideration. There are some students who can easily buy an essay writing service to put their thoughts on paper. Persuasion involves convincing someone to adopt new ideas, attitudes or behaviors by reasoning with them so that they can see that doing so would be beneficial. In rhetoric, this is called ethos (the source’s credibility), pathos (attachment through emotion) and logos (logical reasoning). You need all three elements in order to be persuasive.
    Some scholars contend that the bigger or more important the issue, the more effective rhetoric is required to persuade people effectively. They argue that it’s not enough merely to convince someone of your position on a small issue; you must also do so with regard to an extremely important issue. For example, you may have a difficult time convincing your roommate that he should stop leaving wet towels on the floor when it will only take him a few extra seconds to hang up each one. On the other hand, if your goal is saving lives by persuading drivers not to run red lights at intersections where they might cause accidents and fatalities, you need powerful language capable of generating real emotion in readers who are less convinced about how urgent this problem is.
    The key to establishing ethos and logos in persuasive writing is to be well-informed about your topic, use logic that readers can follow and express your ideas clearly using appropriate vocabulary. Establishing pathos requires you to have empathy with the audience so that you understand how they feel about an issue and what language appeals to them. You may find some of the tips below useful as a guide for developing effective tone and style:
    Steps for writing persuasive essay
    Topic Selection and Research (background information on topic)
    Plan the Essay (outline of essay, criteria for evaluation, etc.)
    Write First Draft (major points, major sub-points, direct quotes in body paragraphs)
    Check the Tone and Logic of the Essay (grammar, spelling & punctuation)
    Revise Each Part: Introduction/Body/Conclusion
    Final Editing & Proofreading
    Sample Persuasive Letter or Email to a Parent or Student’s Teacher 
    Actual Written Persuasive Letters from Students 
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    A student uses humor in a persuasive essay about saving rainforests. The last sentence made me laugh out loud! Quote : « Please do not destroy any more rainforest. I am just a tiny tree seed; Please don’t forget me. »
    Sample Student Written Persuasive Letter About Why Students Should Take Courses Which Require Them to Write Essays ; very good letter with persuasive techniques. The quote in the beginning of the essay is excellent: « Essay writing is like cleaning your room. When you first start, it seems as if it will never end… . But once that mess has been cleaned up and order restored, you realize how simple life can be. » 
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    Some Useful Resources for Writing an Effective Argument: List of 100 Transition Words , « Persuasion Techniques » : a bibliography. For further reading on persuasion and its role in our everyday lives, see the books below.