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    Best Tips for Writing Cause and Effect Essay
    For the students who are not familiar with this type of writing, there are a lot of cause and effect essay examples that can be used as samples for learning a great deal of things about how to write it. These sample essays also show what you should avoid like plagiarism or copying from someone else’s work without giving him credits. Don’t try to ignore this part if you really want to have your own work since these things will be considered as plagiarism and lessen your chance to win the competition.
    Below is an example cause and effect essay on ‘Why Parents Should Teach Motive Skills To Their Children’. There are some students who can easily buy a paper writing service to put their thoughts on paper. Read it carefully, analyze it then use its basic but significant elements on your future papers:
    Thesis Statement: We often see that our children’s performance in class is not as good as we expect them to be. This is because they lack the motivation to start learning at all. Motivation itself plays a lot of important roles in our daily lives and it’s very significant when you want to have an outstanding academic life. Thus, parents should teach their children how to develop motivation skills so that they can perform well in their future studies.
    Introduction: We often see or hear that some students always fail on most of the subjects without any clear reason at all, so what really happens? In this case, you must learn about your child’s motivation for doing such awful things and then try to understand why there is still some lacking motivation even if he/ has been studying for a long time. This is what the cause and effect essay will be talking about.
    Body Paragraph 1: Motivation plays a very significant role to bring positive things in our lives because it can push us to do anything that we want as long as it makes us feel comfortable. Thus, children who don’t have such kind of motivation skills usually fall behind on their classwork which shows they are not motivated at all to study hard even if they really need good grades from their parents and teachers.
    Body Paragraph 2: Some students don’t have goals or dreams for their future, so they just go wherever others lead them without thinking about the consequences in advance. This kind of ignorant act brings nothing but mis and for your children’s future, you must teach them how to set goals or dreams for their future so that they can follow it in the right direction.
    Body Paragraph 3: Parents should be a good example to be followed by their own children because when they are not doing anything right, there will always be some bad effects on you and your child’s future. When children see their parents never do anything about their education, then they will think this is an acceptable act which makes them become lazy too.
    Conclusion: The above elements will greatly help you write a wonderful cause and effect essay on ‘Why Motivation Skills Are Important’. So don’t hesitate to use them as samples and learn from its mistakes so that you can avoid these problems from happening on your own work.