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    StepWise Guide To Write a Comparison Essay
    Writing a comparison and contrast essay is a bit difficult. The first thing you should do when you receive such instructions from your teacher, either on writing assignments or in class is to decide what exactly the teacher wants you to write about. In case you’re still facing difficulty in writing, it’s better to contact companies that will cater all your write my essay requests instead of risking your grade. You can always ask for further clarification, or otherwise try to figure it out by yourself. The general idea of a comparison and contrast essay is fairly easy to grasp. But it’s not quite that simple because there are few key issues that need your attention and focus while writing such an assignment like this:
    First of all, don’t let yourself write down everything about both objects in your topic sentence. This will end up having no sense at all, which would be also confusing for readers (and ultimately result in a low grade). There is no need to mention everything. Depending on the topic, you can select certain features of your objects and compare them with each other. Thus, choosing relevant characteristics for comparison will help you avoid unnecessary information. It’s also vital while writing an essay to keep track of all mentioned features in order not to forget about that or end up making confusion between those two objects.
    Secondly, it is very important to choose suitable words and phrases for your introduction: after having stated your topic sentence (the comparison), you should add sentences which tell why such an issue has been chosen or what this issue means for example. This way you would make your readers curious enough to continue reading the rest of your essay without losing their interest immediately.
    Thirdly, it is vital to be as objective as possible while writing a comparison and contrast essay. Thus, you should stick to the facts without making any personal judgments about anything. It’s not what your teacher expects from you. You are supposed to give an unbiased opinion on all mentioned in your essay features of those two objects or persons.
    Different from the contrast essay, in a comparison essay writer tries to find out what is common between two or more things. Comparison might be positive or negative but most often it’s used to describe people, places, institutions and phenomena. A good approach for making up a comparative essay would be this: Think what are the similarities between them or what do they have in common? Then write about that point first – enumerate all the aspects which are connected with your topic in a bullet form (good advice for an easy start). After that you should choose another aspect and think about how it reminds you of some other objects. Once you’ve done these two steps you should make up the conclusion and summarize your essay in it.
    The first step for composing a comparison essay is choosing what your paper will be about. Choose two or three topics, think what are their main features and how do they remind you of some other things which have been written about them before? Try to compare different genres: literature, music, painting etc. You could also choose one genre but express its literature from different points of view (for example describe each novel Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck from a psychological point of view).
    Another advice on how to write such an essay would be not to try to find out all the similarities at once. Take a break between the steps and read through your paper after each stage of it’s composition. This simple action will help you get rid of repeating ideas, ‘short-term memory failures’.
    In conclusion, I would like to say that the most important thing which should be remembered while writing comparison essays is having a clear intention behind it and that creating such an essay doesn’t mean just listing all similarities between two things – look for something deeper in them (what is hidden inside), analyze their features by using some media from different spheres etc.